Workshops: Mandalas, Medicine Wheels and Labyrinths


 Mandalas, Medicine Wheels and Labyrinths have special significance to artists. They build on universal sacred principles of symmetry such as the circle, pyramid, spiral and numbers that include 2, 3, 4, 7 and their multiples. These principles organize and propel the natural and human worlds to keep them in balance; when they are out of balance, or not ‘in sync’, dis-ease or illness results.

Engaging with these divine patterns induces balance in our relationships with the world around us and within ourselves so that mind, body, spirit and emotions are in harmony. For artists, working with them brings integrity and harmony to the work itself, to the artist and to the viewers.

An audio-visual presentation introduces these principles and their operation in some of the ‘great’ works of art, and in Mandalas, Medicine Wheels and Labyrinths in different cultural contexts, past and present. In the interactive workshop that follows, we apply these principles to personal life trajectories, and to removing obstacles to the smooth transition between life stages, daily activities, and the seasons. By constructing a personalized Mandala, Medicine Wheel or Labyrinth in a sacred context, you see your life and its challenges in a new light, finding ways to move forward with positive and informed understanding of our life’s purpose. And giving new inspiration and expression to art in any media.